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Oklahoma mom appalled daughter got

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An Oklahoma mother says she is "embarrassed" that one of her daughter's school books is so old that country star Blake Shelton used it back in the 1980s. Facebook/ Shelly Bryan Parker
An Oklahoma mother says she is "embarrassed" that one of her daughter's school books is so old that country star Blake Shelton used it back in the 1980s. Facebook/ Shelly Bryan Parker

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Oklahoma mom appalled daughter got Blake Shelton's old school book; not all agree

By Lisa Gutierrez

April 06, 2018 11:40 AM

Updated April 06, 2018 01:36 PM

An Oklahoma girl got excited when she saw that one of her school books was once used by country star Blake Shelton.

His name's right there, presumably printed in his own handwriting, on the "This book is the property of" page. It's dated 1982.

But the girl's mother, a former teacher, didn't share her daughter's excitement because she knows how old Shelton is — thus how old the books are in her daughter's school.

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The book is called "Look Away (Keys to Reading)," a pictorial reader by Louise Matteoni published in 1980.

"Marley is EXCITED that her 'new' reader belonged to Blake Shelton , but I am EMBARRASSED!!!!," Shelly Bryan Parker wrote this week in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 7,000 times since Wednesday .

"I’m 40 and these people are my age!!!"

Shelton, one of the stars of NBC's "The Voice," is 41 and grew up in Ada, Okla., where the Parker family lives.

Latta school district superintendent Cliff Johnson Harry Kotlar Cushion Cut Classico Ring UK M US 6 EU 52 3/4 zbeYEUjoQF
that Shelton attended Latta Public School "in his younger years" but graduated from a different school.

For Parker the book symbolizes Oklahoma's education crisis, which became national news when thousands of teachers and supporters descended on the state capitol in Oklahoma City on Monday on the first day of a teacher walkout that has lasted all week.

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Here's how big the 'We've had enough' teacher protest was

Drone video shows Kentucky teachers and their supporters gathered at the Capitol in Frankfort Monday, April, 2, to protest pension changes and support education spending.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

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By Suresh Babu Reprint | | Zales Stackable Expressions Rope Framed Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Kd962KmRuq
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The author is Head of Capacity Strengthening at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), a research center of CGIAR . Babu is specialized in capacity strengthening and rebuilding after emergencies and crises, and has been following the famine in East Africa and the Middle East closely.

"Young girls line up at a feeding centre in Mogadishu, #Somalia, where a severe drought is threatening famine." Credit: Blue Nile Interlocking Hanging Oval Hoop Earrings in 14k Italian Yellow Gold mGeo1K

WASHINGTON DC, May 4 2017 (IPS) - The emerging drought-induced humanitarian crisis—prevailing in countries from Niger in West Africa to Somalia in East Africa—and conflict-driven famine conditions in South Sudan, Somalia, and Northeast Nigeria, have become a regular phenomenon.

Even though these food crises can be prevented, they persistently arise due to the development community’s collective amnesia on what has worked and what has not in famine response, recovery, and resilience-building.

We know countries that have constructed robust policies, institutions, and food systems capable of withstanding natural and human-induced shocks fare better than those with weak systems, but approaches to development haven’t changed to reflect this knowledge.

A new approach to drought response and famine recovery must involve building durable systems at various levels. By creating strong systems for implementing policies, building institutions, and growing and delivering food, countries can prevent the most deleterious effects of frequent shocks, and also have the capability to bounce back quickly to a normal development process.

Suresh Babu

While all these activities are a necessary part of famine response and recovery, it remains a puzzle as to why we keep “reinventing the wheel” to address a challenge that has long been part of the development process. Today, climate change is finally forcing policy makers to rethink their response paradigm: from “relief and development” to “relief to resilient food systems.”

The need for a paradigm shift is clear from the lessons from drought responses over the last 40 years. A key lesson is that unless national response systems are resilient to meet natural and manmade shocks, they will be continuously “firefighting.” Emergency resources will be repeatedly diverted to address annual cycles of drought, while countries lose ground on long-term development plans. Policy systems resilience

Policy systems resilience

The effectiveness of a country’s national policy system in identifying drought-related challenges and developing intervention strategies depends on the strength of the policy process. The actors in the policy process must develop common goals to address food emergencies and balance these goals with long-term development strategies.

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Sustainability – at the heart of what we do

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"Kering sustainability department is supporting the brands to achieve the highest standards of sustainable business practices. While we focus on attaining our 2016 Group targets, we are leveraging the inherent creativity that is synonymous with our Group."

Marie-Claire Daveu ,Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs

Marie-Claire Daveu

Creating value For us at Kering, sustainabiltiy equates quality. It creates value and represents:

Sustainable business is everyone's business Our sustainability engagement is intrinsic to our organisation and has clear goals. We encourage every employee to play a part in making sustainability a reality, from the sustainable development committee of the Kering board of directors, to the CEOs of each brand and their teams around the world.

The Kering team The Kering sustainability department acts as a platform of resources to complement the brands’ own activities :

Freedom within a Framework We give our brands a common base of targets and guidelines for their actions in sustainability to ensure the highest level of best practice is reached across the Group, while letting each brand create the specific solutions most relevant to its business.

Empowering imagination In terms of sustainability, this means spurring the brands to innovate with processes and products that have more positive social and environmental impact, while ensuring they stay true to their own identity and values.

Beyond social compliance Social sustainability encompasses attention to working conditions and the need to preserve artisanal businesses. We audit our suppliers and support them so that they meet the standards laid out in our code of conduct. In parallel, our Group is engaged in combatting violence against women, empowering them to support their families and communities. To do so, the brands are engaged in their own social programmes alongside Group-level engagements run by the Kering Foundation.

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